About Us

For the patient and family: Cindy Collins, Ph.D., R.D., LD/N has over 30 years experience in the nutrition, psychology and education fields. My expertise is expansive with years of medical experience in acute, chronic and terminal illness. I have also focused on wellness and relationship issues and will make myself available to the patient as well as caregivers, friends and family. Navigation through the medical experience is a unique service I can provide. I have seen the fear and confusion produced by lack of understanding of the body, health and illness. My depth of knowledge in science and psychology allows me to educate and guide the patient to a better understanding. I apply an integrative approach with biology, nutritional biochemistry and health psychology. Survivorship and quality of life absolutely depend on this. Please be aware there is a difference between fad and popular health programs and professional care from truly experienced professionals. I examine that difference every day and specialize in providing legitimate care to those in need. I am offering this exceptionally unique service through the website.

For the professional: With my clinical and college level professorial expertise I mentor students and professionals in education and career decisions. Contact me if this of interest to you.

Mission Statement

Creation Balance is a multi-faceted program providing services for integrated care. Our direct services include stress management, health education, nutrition analysis and counseling. These services are available in person and virtual media.

Our podcasts and interviews provide an open format for conversation and inclusive discourse on the human experience common to us all.
We aim to share information and ideas important to everyone.

You can contact us by social media and email. Please contact us by phone or email for concierge services and speaking or teaching engagements.