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Flat resistance bands

Chia seeds

Hemp hearts

Alpha lipoic acid


Sleep Optimizer


Sambucus in both forms shown here is the genus for the flowering plant in the family Adoxaceae. The common name is elderberry. There are many claims made for elderberry and there is some chemistry known about these claims that could substantiate it if there were more conclusive studies. What we can be certain of is the increase in cytokines, the decrease in inflammation and the existence of flavanoids and anthocyanins, all possibly helping with cold, flu and the discomfort of swelling nasal passages. Caution: may have additive effects with diuretics and laxatives.


Arnicare- Cream homeopathic medicine

Arnicare contains arnica, aka arnica montana. It has evidence for use with osteoarthritis and bruising; it has claims for many types of inflammation. Do not take pure, oral, on open cuts. Caution: it can enhance blood thinners.

Sombra- Warm therapy natural pain relieving gel

Sombra has camphor and menthol and is an amazing agent for muscle and other pain. Check on a patch of skin first to test for allergic reactions and make sure you do not apply directly after a shower - it is a warm therapy. Keep out of reach from children; it causes harm if ingested.

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