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Natural Pain Relief-Zyflamend

Feedback from dozens of patients over the past several years confirms relief of pain, especially associated with arthritis, fibromyalgia and otherwise labelled diffuse pain. This product contains the anti-inflammatory turmeric and rosemary oil. The blend of ingredients seems to open up the microcirculation which enhances pain relief. Testimonies make it a product I recommend often. Take it with food if you are prone to reflux.

Spearmint for Mental Focus

Spearmint tea has been shown to enhance cognition - focus, concentration, memory. This product contains the amount shown in studies to be of benefit, 900 mg. Life Extension Magazine (2018) summarizes research indicating that spearmint can give you the same immediate boost as caffeine for working and spatial memory, yet without the stimulant effect. For benefits like concentration and attention, the effects were longer-lasting. The spearmint polyphenols were useful in sleep as well. These are studies with a small number of participants, yet significant results. see






Hello and welcome to our site. We hope you read the mission statement and find that we can help you in some way. Balance is an important theme in these very busy and stressful times. We find that the topic of balance comes up often in conversation with family, friends and patients. I was especially interested in balance during my radio interview last week regarding the special role of the caregiver. How difficult it is to keep life in balance in the midst of taking care of a loved one. But balance and attention to one’s personal needs is a must especially when taking care of someone else. Please post your feelings and thoughts on this theme. Any tips you can offer will be immediately shared. Stay well!

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